Job Title : Rider - Corporate - Car Rental

Roles & Responsibilities :

- Safely operate the vehicle in compliance with traffic laws and regulations.
- Maintain awareness of road conditions, weather, and traffic to ensure safe driving.
- Follow speed limits and adjust driving behavior to match road conditions.
- Conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure the vehicle's safety and functionality.
- Report any mechanical issues, damages, or malfunctions to the appropriate personnel.
- Perform routine maintenance tasks like checking oil levels, tire pressure, and fluid levels.
- Provide a courteous and professional experience to passengers.
- Ensure passenger safety by following seatbelt laws and providing a clean and comfortable environment.
- Know emergency procedures, such as how to respond in case of an accident or breakdown.
- Keep necessary tools, a first aid kit, and emergency contact information on hand.
- Minimize fuel consumption and emissions through responsible driving practices.
- Properly dispose of waste and avoid littering.
- Always prioritize safety and responsible behavior while operating a vehicle.

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